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Crime rate all over the world has started to increase at alarming rates. Rapid inflation and unemployment are known to be the biggest causes of increasing crime. We all know that businesses take a lot of time to flourish. It mandates years of struggle and sacrifice to attain a reputable position. Therefore, they need to be taken care of like a small sapling, or else the invasion of harmful weeds can destroy them forever. It is very important to protect your business from destructive invaders. Plex security does the same job for you. Our security guards would spare no effort to secure your asset.

Plex Security Safeguard Your Property

The plex security guards make sure that they do everything they can to safeguard your property. Their aim not just includes minimizing the damage but also arresting the sinners. Our team takes no time to hand over the wrongdoers to the police and also keeps a regular update on the case. The CCTV footage recorded in our system acts as strong evidence in the courtroom.

Advanced Security Tools

Our efficient alarm systems notify us timely about minimal vandalism and thus make it easy to find a solution to the crisis. You will never be disappointed with any of our technologically advanced security tools as the team members review their performance now and then. Alarms and cameras are assessed regularly.

Recruitment Process

The plex security guards are also made to pass a background check as an essential part of recruitment. This process ensures that the guards have no criminal records and thus can be trusted. Of Course, giving somebody the authority to enter your premises is a big deal, therefore, the hired guards must be trustworthy and highly passionate about their duty. Plex security takes utmost care of all such factors and this is why it is the best commercial building security in Richmond.  

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