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With more than three years of experience, Plex mobile security is one of the most trusted mobile patrol security in Burnaby.

A lot of people cannot afford to hire a full-time security guard and thus look for more affordable options like mobile patrol security. Mobile patrol officers do not remain 24/7 at the site but conduct periodic patrolling to keep a check on the client’s property.

Plex security provides incomparable mobile security services at a very moderate price. This is the reason that a lot of small businesses choose to hire us over other expensive yet incompetent security services established in Burnaby.

Recruitment of Security Guards

Recruitment of plex security guards is done meticulously. The guards are assessed not just based on physical strength but also on alertness, responsiveness, and patience.

All our security guards are trained to make the right decisions in the minimum possible time. They won’t ever act in haste and create a panic situation for you and would instead, fight it with all their capabilities.

The vehicles employed by plex security are highly advanced with inbuilt GPS tracking devices and dash-cams. GPS tracking helps the clients acquire all the required information.

If our guards suspect any threat, they immediately jump into action and start their investigation. Simultaneously, the supervisors make sure that the clients receive complete incident reports so they are fully aware of the situation.

However, in case of any complaints, you can directly get in touch with our customer assistance team who would always listen to your troubles and provide you with a quick resolution.

We understand that the prime reason for hiring a security service is to get rid of insecurities and fear. Thus, we make sure that once you hire us, you never have to be on the tenterhooks. We take care of your property like our own and shall always provide you value for your money.

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