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Despite the presence of innumerable security companies, plex security is the most well-known construction site security in Port Coquitlam. Within merely four years of establishment, it has created a reputable place for itself.

Since the commercial properties contain a lot of valuable goods and documents, they become the first choice of the intruders. Apart from the local thieves, these buildings can also be attacked by people who could benefit from the important documents present within the premises.

The plex security guards take complete care of everything and everyone inside the building on and off the working hours. Additionally, our team occasionally organizes security programs wherein the employees of the company are taught about basic security measures that need to be taken in case any threat knocks on the door. The employees need to be well-informed about basic security measures. Regular patrolling acts as a strong deterrent to thieves and intruders.

The plex security guards would always go beyond and above the call of duty to protect their clients. Their abundant dedication can be reflected in the way they serve their clients. Plex security also provides a 24*7 fire-watch service which ensures the safety of the employees in case of fire hazards.

Plex security guards wouldn’t mind being in pain to do something that benefits their clients. Our helpful customer assistance team provides round-the-clock service to the clients.

We have trained our team to carefully listen to the grievances of the clients and find the best resolution for them. This is the reason that we provide the clients a privilege to customize the security plans.

Not all businesses have similar security needs, thus our assistance team modifies the security features as per the client’s requirement. Don’t be shy to share any of your concerns with the team as their prime job is to fulfill your needs.

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