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With the recent increase in crime incidents, small and large business owners have started to become more protective about their business and residential properties. There are several concierge security in Port Coquitlam, but not all of them are trustworthy and affordable. Plex security is an exception as it is an extremely reliable company that provides security services at pocket-friendly prices.

We provide our clients with different types of security plans such as foot patrolling, car patrolling, bike patrolling, 24/7 site patrolling, etc. Bike patrolling seems to be an extremely convenient option for congested areas of the town. GPS tracking devices and dash cams installed in the plex security vehicles are some of the biggest boons of technology. They are beneficial for easy detection and thus ensure quick responses.

All our plex security guards undertake comprehensive training that is specifically designed to make our security services more and more reliable. The training focuses on all the important aspects like physical strength, mental stability, high responsiveness, behavioral mannerisms, and technological awareness.

Since the world has made a drastic digital shift, all the plex security guards are trained to comfortably use mobile applications to provide regular updates to clients. A security guard needs to be highly concerned about the life of their clients and the protection of their property, which is why all the plex security guards are provided with behavioral training.

Furthermore, we do understand that it is very important for the security guards to possess a stable mindset and quick reflexes. Above all, the security guards are provided fitness training so that they can always give their best to protect the clients.

Our team holds regular training programs for the continual growth of the guards. After all this information, you can infer why we are counted amongst the best concierge security in Port Coquitlam.

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