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Everything that our ancestors dreamt of in their childhood is gradually turning out to be a reality. The world is progressing at a striking rate, specifically in terms of infrastructure development and technological advancement.

However, the highly advanced modern era has its negatives too that aren’t too small to be ignored. While our ancestors never had to worry about the protection of their assets, we nowadays have to be extremely cautious about the safety of our business or residential properties.

The world is no longer a safe place and therefore it has become crucial to take help from reliable security guard companies. Plex security is the most trustworthy security guard company in langley.

Our security guards are trained to handle the most vulnerable situations with ease and wisdom. Their good physical fitness and high responsiveness always prevent big losses. All our appointed security guards come from diverse fields and have attained good education. They are extremely good at taking the right decisions and providing supportive assistance to the clients.

Our team also provides the clients with the privilege to modify the security plans as per their property size, requirements, and budget. We do understand that pre-designed security plans are not suitable for everybody and this is why our team carefully curated the tailor-made security plans.

The plex security guards keep an eye on every single activity happening at your property and jump into quick action in case of any attack. We are also sharp in detecting any threats and making prior arrangements for the safety of the client and property.

The guards also provide continuous updates to the clients with the help of mobile applications. Both regular and random patrolling are conducted to ensure the complete safety of the assets. Our services are highly advanced which include electronic pdf reports, photographic evidence, dash cams, GPS technology, etc.

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