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Amongst all the mobile patrol security in Abbotsford, plex security holds the most recognizable position. It is a security provider that aims to protect the client’s assets with the help of its highly-trained security guards. The plex security guards never work on their terms and instead consider the demands kept forward by the clients. We understand that any decision regarding your property must require your consent. Therefore, we make sure that you are always involved in the major decisions and also constantly updated about the ongoing situations. Furthermore, the clients are also free to make changes to our security plans as per their requirements and budget. We offer extreme flexibility so that no clients ever get dissatisfied with our service. You will not have to mandatorily buy expensive security plans. If you are low on budget, you can ask us to customize the services as per that. Our prime motto is to WORK WITH YOU AND FOR YOU! Unlike other services, plex mobile patrol security can also be contracted for a shorter duration. For instance, if you wish to go on a 1-month vacation with your family, our guards here can inspect your house every day at random time slots so that no intruder can dare to cause any harm. They carefully check the locks of the windows and doors. In case any threat is suspected in the CCTV footage, the guards jump into immediate action. Also, you do not need to worry about the background of the security guards as our recruiting team carefully checks for any criminal records. We provide the same background check services to the clients in case they wish to check the history of their employees. With the help of such services, we make sure that your business never employs any dishonest or dangerous employees.

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