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British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada which is loved by people all over the world for all the right reasons. It offers wonderful growth opportunities for businesses like tourism, agriculture, real estate, cinematography and so many more.

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia and also the most preferred choice for immigrants. Despite being diverse in geography, British Columbia is also the third most populated province of Canada.

Since the province is highly populated and evolved in all terms, security services are an integral part of all the businesses. Both small and large businesses find it mandatory to avail of good security services for the protection of their company and its employees.

There are several security guard companies in British Columbia, however, plex security is by far the best in the business. With an experience of more than three years, plex security aims to provide utmost protection to its clients.

The safety of the clients has always been our most important consideration, which makes us one of the most reliable security guard companies in British Columbia. We also make sure that our security services are affordable to all kinds of clients.

You will agree with us that every city has its pros and cons. There are certain unique characteristics of each city that are best known only to its residents. Therefore, we always prefer to employ security guards who belong to British Columbia. There is no doubt that a resident is always more familiar with the characteristics of the city and its people than an immigrant.

Each of our security guards is coached by highly skilled trainers who groom them with all the necessary skills. Our security guards are instructed to diligently handle the most dangerous and unpleasant situations.

The training of the guards not just focuses on physical abilities but also on skills like alertness, patience, and honesty. In a time of danger, the security guard needs to stay calm and get into quick action.

The guards cannot afford to get panicked in the worst situations which is why they are trained to maintain a neutral yet active mindset. A good security guard not just possesses high physical strength but also understands the importance of people’s life. They are taught to value and protect the lives of others before their own.

Our popular security guard services include Uniformed Security Guards, Construction Security Guards, Mobile Patrols, Event Security, Patrol Security Guards, Retail Loss Prevention, Concierge Services, etc. Since the cases of cybercrime are rising invariably, plex security also offers highly reliable cyber security services.

Apart from our pre-devised security plans, we also provide the clients with an option to customize the security guard services as per their requirements. To avail of such a service, you need to equip us with all the features you wish to cover in your security plan so that our team can create an efficient plan for your business. Also, the budget constraints of the clients are taken care of. We assure to provide a service that well meets the expectations of the client.